Tuesday 18 July 2017

Stuck Truck Ruck

Two more games of TMWWBK's, once again set in East Africa during the Great War, with the first scenario being very lopsided and over quickly, and the second lasting a bit longer and a very close finish.

The first game was already under way when I got to the Hall, A truck is stuck in the middle of the table and the two unit of British defenders have to wait for reinforcements to help them out as the enemy approaches.

Slowness of the reinforcements to move up (they entered on a random roll at start of a British turn.) and bad orientation of the MG defending the truck led to this being one sided. Massed fire power saw the truck defenders routed before they could be supported and the now out-numbered reinforcements stood no change of a successful counter-attack.

In the second scenario it's the get off the table scenario again, as played in the first trial game. The scenario rules meant that the British could just sit there and blast away and not even attempt to get off the table as there's no real risk of time running out - the slow MG movement, with the movement rate governing the length of game, granting them enough turns to do so.

The Germans launched their native contingent in a mad dash across the battle field, trying to make as much use of cover as possible. The British meanwhile move across to cover their baseline to prevent any enemy units getting off. This would have worked well but for some bad dice rolling from the British and good morale checks from the natives. This lead to two native units getting off the table edge. The third native unit wasn't so lucky.

The German regulars decide to hang back. having no realistic way of getting off after getting badly shot up and losing a couple of leaders (for the first time in any of the games played). The game ends in a close German win 5-4 in points, with no British units off but a large portion of the German force destroyed.

The system does not seem to like equal forces meeting with the defenders having a large advantage in normal conditions. Maybe more terrain would have helped but you've still got the problem of the first to shoot having a big advantage, and when you have equal size forces it's difficult to gain local superiority in numbers.

Next week is a prospective big battle with two 24pt forces on each side.

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