Friday 28 December 2018

Romans Rampant

A game of Lion Rampant at Matt's, but set in Roman times and modded (for rules and troop types) to give a big battle feel.

The Roman centre charged in but despite doing substantial damage, a couple of Legionary units were pushed back and failed their morale. Fortunately, the Auxiliaries stepped up to clear the woods and the Legionaries rallied and slowly marched back into action.

BAd things started happing to the Romans on their left flank with the loss of their Cataphracts. The flank should have folded as the Goth cavalry pushed onwards, but a sole unit of Light Cavalry kept shooting away from rough terrain and managed to knock back three already damaged units as the Goth assault stalled.

With the woods finally clearing the Romans start to flex their muscles and push onwards to victory.

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