Tuesday 20 August 2019

Battlegroup Torbruk

A game of Battlegroup Tobruk

The first time most of us have played a game from this rules family.
British vs Italians, but with the British constrained in the amount of ammo they had to wrestle the objective off the initially weak Italians.

The most effective anti-tank weapon proved to be the artillery which was brought up from their original positions on the ridge. The Italian tankettes did provide some opposition, as did their heavier armour on the opposing ridge line. concentrating their fire on the artillery positions prior to their destruction as the British Matildas moved slowly forward.

The British were rapidly running out of ammo but managed to suppress all the remaining Italian armour, so effectively they would (with decent dice rolling) get a free turn to move closer, and greatly improving their chances in what would have been a final round of fire. The game got called prior to this as the Italians conceded.

The infantry didn't get to play much of a roll in this game, with only the Italian unit holding the objective being active.

The game was quick paced despite being a bit table heavy, with favourable comparisons being made by the participants to both Bolt Action and Rapid Fire.

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