Tuesday 8 February 2022

Frontier Bash

Back to the North-West Frontier and some modified The Men Who Would Be Kings, as Matt's British get some reinforcements in the form of Ben's Gurkhas.

A typical 'Britsh' advance upon a native fort. There is an initial first wave of defenders in the hills ready to stop the advancing column before it gets into bombardment range.

The defenders look out towards the conflict between the first line of defense and the approaching invaders. These defenders only got to fire once during the game.

The British are hoping to get their artillery to bear upon the defenses but have to get the guns moved up first.

The Gurkha's first hand-to-hand engagement didn't fair too well with them being driven off.

But the Lancers did better against the local cavalry.

Forcing them off with multiple follow-ups, and opening a potential flanking maneuver.

Reinforcements arrive and it looks like the locals might have to give ground. They would still have to take the fort but with one gun still remaining it should be doable.

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