Friday 13 March 2009

Year 2, Part 2

(Still Tuesday!) After the previous battles it's back to the map for some more Campoon moves.

I decided on a defensive posture and attacked into Jim and Dave M's lands; razing four villages (two of each just to be fair) to the ground in the process. Jim I attacked by the land bridge\bottleneck, Dave via an amphibious assault. Managed to burn a path to Dave's capital but I decided not to have a pop at and we both agreed a (temporary) truce.

Matt and the Nurgle continues to face off as Matt recovers the lands that the Nurgles had took off him the previous year. Eventually an agreement was reached and Matt turned back to hitting Dave S's now undefended Maginot Line.

Dave S had decided to try and relieve the territorial pressure on himself and continue with his full scale invasion of Jimland. Slowly crawling forwards as Matt continues to take territories off him back near his heartland. Jim, being absent, couldn't really do much about it.

Mark finally completed his seaborne invasion of the mainland only to find that the Nurgles had got there first and built a prefab city. It didn't stay in Nurgle hands for long as the ensuing siege wiped them out. There is now a nice clear area for Mark to expand into.

Paul quietly expands in the corner not upsetting anyone. He'll have to eventually as he is running out of virgin territory to conquer.

With only two moves left before 'Winter draws on' there does not seem to be much room for battle other than a Dave vs Jim rematch, with Dave now having the forces of an additional army available to tilt the odds.

Unfortunately I have no photos of the current positions as the batteries went dead in my camera.

The big problem for me is that I am away for the next two club nights, so there might not be much of my peninsular left when I get back. Will be leaving some instructions behind to try and limit the damage.

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