Saturday 7 March 2009

The First Battle

The first real battle of the Campoon.

Jim (1500pts - Late Romans) vs Dave S (1500pts - Caphilates)

First time for Jim using this rule set, Dave's also a bit rusty. The moves have been dropped down to centimeters from inches and some Warmaster based figures used as they were the most readily available. The rest of the Campooners were either looking on or trying to get their Army Lists sorted.

(The strange blob\void in the middle of the photos is in fact a foam hill with unique light reflecting properties.)

Initial Setup looking from Jim's side
From Campoon 3

The hill\blob is the main terrain feature placed right in the middle of what, due to the scale change, is a large battlefield. Dave tries to overload on one side of the hill but the terrain still favours Jim's more mobile forces.

Unfortunately Dave's cavalry gets caught up amongst his other troops as Jim's cavalry and archers clears the other flank.

A Ding-dong battle occurs in the middle as the two main blocks of troops remain locked together. Dave's dice rolling lets him down as he should of clearly won at least a couple of the deadlock melee rounds.

The final positions

And so Mullah Dave ends up losing the battle big style despite having the chance to cut his losses earlier on. Dave still has another army available in the neighbouring hex so a early rematch is a distinct possibility.

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