Monday 28 December 2009

Back Again

Tuesday and the club has got back together after the Christmas recess. Not too many turned up and only a few games in play.

Martin was once again trialling a battle for his scenario book for Cheer Boys, Cheer! and, like last time, was short of terrain as the club owns no wide hills, barring a couple of foam ones, for making valleys.

The Battle of Morton's Ford, 6th Feb, 1864

The Rebels were starting to get a bit worried as the Blues crossed the river unopposed except for the cannons which themselves were coming under counter-battery fire from the Union positions on the far side of the river. This was pretty ineffectual due to the fortifications.

From Furness Wargamers

The Blues continued across the valley and were nearing the empty entrenchments when finally the Greys turned up and it then became a race to see who could populate the trench-line first.

The Union nearly pulled it off, reaching into the encampment, but left a flank exposed and one disastrous retreat sparked a cascaded panic and prevented key reinforcements from reaching the entrenchments in time, handing them and the battle to the Confederates.

Elsewhere in the club Graeme was once more teaching Firestorm: Armada, while a couple of groups of role-players, one setting up a Rogue Trader game, and another carrying on with a Warhammer Fantasy campaign.

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