Wednesday 9 December 2009

Ancient Antics

Finally got roped into doing DBA for the first time in a mini tournament with six players. A round-robin with each game was nominally twenty minutes each. Armies were randomly allocated from Paul's central collection of plastics and I ended up with the Sea People, who were apparently half Viking - half Village People.

From Furness Wargamers

With the tables being deeper than they were wide it did mean quite a bit of travelling before any clashes took place.

First game was against Phil and his Hebrews and Sheep, he was also unsure about the rules so this petered out to a draw. The game against Paul, which was basically Blades against Blades, evolved into a bloodless version of the Western front. The Psiloi on the flanks were doing a sort of line dance with synchronised push backs.

The game verses Tony was similar to the first, and we were both to busy asking rules questions to do much fighting. So another draw.

Managed to claim my one and only victory against Dave M when his leader on his chariot became isolated and then killed.

Finally against Matt, whose is experienced in the game and its other variants and managed to show me a couple of gimmicks en route to capturing my stronghold. Might of been better off bunkering down near my baseline rather than going out to meet his force.

The game does seem very critical in having exactly twelve elements per side, no more or less, else things become lopsided. This would make the rules useless for attritional campaigns. Still not sure whether to rebase the Mighty Armies stuff, that I've picked up cheap in the past, to DBA\Hordes of the Things standard.

Elsewhere, Martin doing a trial game for his upcoming scenario book for his ACW rules 'Cheer Boys, Cheer!'. Unfortunately the club seems to have a shortage of trees hence the rather strange looking layout; Most of it should of been forested, but some 40Kers were sharing the trees which lead to the unexpected shortfall.

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