Friday 26 March 2010

Deep Fried Martian Barred

Another round of the Martian Invasion of Britain.

Instead of last weeks three Martian forces there was only the two. Since the Martians have fewer units to defend with, yet alone launch a serious attack straight off, it was decided to once again start off in Scotland.

A string of lost initiative rolls kept the invaders on the back foot\tentacle. They could clear a city but not move in. The implementation of an advance after combat midway through the game helped alleviate this problem.

With the inability of defenders without attack values to cause damage in a run over attack, the Martian Bases and Factories are now instantly killed. The same applies to the cities as well, but the British have, at least initially, more than enough units to defend. Despite using their aerial units to cut the incoming rail lines British reinforcements still managed to get through.

The RAF isn't as tough as they once were, being forced to do over-run attacks by default and so giving the Martians first crack at them. Unfortunately this weakness is more than made up by the ability for Air Armadas to gather out at Sea ready to launch a massed attack anywhere on the board. If they risk running out of supply then they are capable of striking anywhere on the board.

With one base destroyed and the second under immediate threat the Martians called it a day.

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