Saturday 6 March 2010

War of the Worldski

Sat out again this Tuesday and instead watched another of Paul's games with micro-armour. The rules this time fitting to three copies per A4 sheet!

In a move sort of reminiscent to Turtledove's 'Balance' series of alt history the Martians have landed right in the midst of World War 2. Just prior to Operation Barbarossa in fact.

From Furness Wargamers from Mars

The map covers the whole of central USSR, from Vladivostok and the Pacific through to Leningrad and the Baltic. The Martian landing site is of course Tunguska. The scale is one hex equals 300 miles! Pity the poor Soviet infantry who had to march the thousands of miles to the front line at one hex per turn.

The Martians have a number of turns to get organised prior to any serious opposition reaches them, but had to make a decision as to whether to fight a two front war or try and take out the weakly held east in force first. They chose to split their forces almost evenly.

The Soviets can get Infantry from Cities, Tanks and Planes from their respective factories. The arrival of the reinforcement is dependant upon a die roll for each location, with the quality dependant on how high the roll is. The Martians only have factories but can construct more. The USSR can gain additional factories randomly.

The East looked lost, as the Martians moved in to destroy the mostly unoccupied cities after the Soviet forces moved out to meet them and paid the price.

A brave assault by the majority of the Soviet Air Force against some of the Martians weaker elements came to nothing.

The first glimmer of hope came when a southern outpost managed to hold on against a concerted Martian attack. Rotating troops out of the city and the first wave of western reinforcements, lead to a Martian withdrawal.

So at the end of turn 8 the game came to a close. Two long streams of Soviet troops were heading eastwards, but the Martian factories had also built some reinforcements. There was still a lot of action to play out; certainly more of an all-day or convention game than a single nighter.

There was a bit of discussion as to whether the trans-Siberian railroad and/or Armoured Trains should have an effect on the game and what was the status of the Soviet Navy. Also the possible inclusion of weather which currently had no effect.

Also being shown round the club was a letter sent to us from Kieron who's currently out in Afghanistan with the Scots Guards. His phony scotch accent must be improving as he's now a Lance Corporal. Apparently he's enjoying watching his unit fire off a few million pounds worth of Javelins and the (very) close air support from the Americans.

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