Monday 11 April 2011


Obtained the new "Battletech 25th Anniversary Box set", the release of which is running a few years late due to various shenanigans, including attempts to bring the 'unseen' back and some dodgy in house dealing.

Decided to take the plunge after reading a number of decent reviews on it (Armchair General , A Wargaming Odyssey) . Contents are first rate and generally high quality, and the pricing was reasonable given how packed and hefty the box was. With the prices for a lot of boardgames kicking off at £50, then the £34 I paid is a steal, and that is from my regular supplier rather than bargain hunting.

The artwork on the maps appear to be slightly adjusted from the classic maps, but I would of thought that they would of the opportunity to blend in the tones and edges of the different maps a bit better. Placing two maps side by side still leaves a bit of a discontinuity as its hard to imagine the layout as a single battlefield. Also the terrain seem to be more 'out of focus'.

There is also a road heavy map, and it really is road heavy with around 30% of the hexes being paved. Despite the high level ground scale I find it hard to believe that such a layout would exist in a non-urban environment, if your going to build roads over hills as well as round them then there should be a good rational for doing so.

Also got the Munchkinomicon expansion for Munchkin, and I much prefer these small fixed boosters to the larger expansions, even if your not getting the same 'value for money' from the smaller decks. Not too many additional rules, and simple if silly cards.

I've now separated out the expansion cards from the original deck as I feel that the cards and variations were just too much. May start adding them back in a more tailored deck approach. Although probably better fitting in with Munchkin Cthulhu, this should slot into a standard game perfectly, though how it will sit with the Santa and Fairy Dust expansions I don't know, but that sort of weirdness is to be expected of Munchkin.

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