Friday 15 April 2011

Raymondo Returns

After much cajoling by me over a number of weekends Ray finally decided to show his face at the Tueday club, probably for the first time in over a decade.

Ray had a chat with Martin about Battletech, plus a natter with Jim and Graeme, the surviving old timers from Ray's original time at the club back in the 80's and 90's.

Ray is kindly loaning his small collection of Mech's, all around 20 years old, to the Club, for use by the regular Battletech group. A large number of the minis are Griffins his favourite type of Mech. Currently in my keeping as we're not sure that keeping a collection of mostly pro-painted Unseens in an normally unlocked cellar is a good idea. A bit of a pain having to transport them every week, but better than running the risk of having them lifted\used as toys.

I took part in another couple of races of Formula D. Firstly a full race on the default Monaco circuit. Managed to put in a storming second lap after not stopping to pit at the end of the first lap; which Colin did not manage to complete after the car fell apart on him after a number of 'accidental' collisions.

My lead was so commanding, principally due to hitting all the corners nearly perfectly and so not needing to pit at the end of the second lap, that the race was called early as the other remaining cars crossed the finish at the end of that lap. Don't think I've ever driven a better\luckier race than this despite playing in many 'championships' with Ray, Jon and Ian.

A single lap of the basic street circuit followed, and people seemed overly concerned with the sniper, preferring to enter the following corner at breakneck speed than risk being shot. Came in second behind Craig, Colin once again becoming a cropper in the demo derby.

Was a bit surprised that Martin the ACW buff didn't have a game prepared given that it was the 150th anniversary of the opening shots at Charleston Harbor.

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