Tuesday 9 August 2011

Ogre Borg

The Federation send out a fleet of three squadrons of shiny white ships, in the hope of slowing down the Borg Cube en route to Earth, in a rerun of Wolf 359. Using a 'rolling' map board, the victory conditions were simple, stop the Borg from getting away, else the Earth gets destroyed.

From Furness Wargamers in Space

Not knowing which way the Cube would take, the three squadrons lined up across the board and advanced. The Borg took a swing to one side in an attempt to bash through the flank.

The mispositioned of almost an entire squadron on the trailing side of the Borg, in a position where it was impossible to catch up due to matching top speeds, lead to a bad mismatch between the Big Box and the remaining two squadrons. These squadrons were soon obliterated, and the Cube continued on towards Earth with the remaining squadron futilely trying to pursue it.

The second game, with the same setup, was much more successful for the Federation as the Borg went straight down the middle. The Federation ships managed to keep the right side of the Borg and to keep pace with it. This time we managed to concentrate fire and do damage to its weapons and, critically, also to its engines to slow it down. This made positioning much easier for the federation ships.

The Borg suffered the ultimate indignanty as the killing blow came from the smallest ship in the fleet.

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