Tuesday 27 January 2015

Slightly Familiar Sci Fi

Same skirmish rules as last week but updated by their author, Jim, to a Sci Fi setting, with Keiron supplying a couple of squads of Space Marines and Tau from his 40K collection. Matt and Keiron each took charge of a section of Tau, Tel commanded the section of Marines and accompanying big stompy thing. Jim acted as the referee due to his intimate knowledge of the rules.

Similar terrain to last week with clumps of vegetation breaking up line of sight, plenty of rough ground providing cover, and a river section on one side of the table.This turned out to be Matt's hidey hole, from which he never moved all game.

Keiron moved his troops along his baseline, and hid a squad in the defensive strong-point in the far corner, giving a good view of the terrain. Tel splits his squad in two, heading off to face each of the rival groups.

The Stompy, marching on Matt's position, lost mobility after the Tau called in the artillery. The Tau themselves got caught in he blast radius but had the benefit of cover. After a couple of rounds of artillery fire the Stompy took a hit and became seriously degraded as the Tau started overcharging their weapons into it at close range. The marines themselves hunker down and cease moving, instead preferring to gain bonuses offensively on their firing, and defensively by going prone.

Eventually things turned slightly in favour of the Marines as a couple of Keiron's squad members get caught by the Marines artillery in the open, and a lucky shot landed in the bunker, killing one and demoralising the rest. In the following turn his leader also became a casualty of the artillery, when the 5% chance to be hit by it in cover came good. And at this point the game ended.

The Tau probably took more casualties in the game from the artillery of both sides than from the bolter fire of the marines. The Marine were not too far off their own breakpoint as well.

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