Tuesday 20 January 2015

Modern War - Take 2

Jim brought in some figures and the set of rules he wrote years ago, 'Hell by Daylight'. A small encounter between two unnamed forces in Africa, with 'modern' meaning in the last 50 years or so.

Tony's squad and APC are trying to meet up with Tel's squad, currently defending a broken down Tank. The crew of which is desperately trying to get the engine running again, but given their 'green' status it was not going to be easy.

First couple of turns saw little action, but a good roll by the tank crew saw the engine fire into life, and the Tank ready to rumble. Which is what happened next turn, as they roll 2 sixes for movement and it dashes forward 12 inches before grinding to a halt as the engine seizes again.

The first casualty of the day occurs when a lucky long range shot from Tony's vehicle mounted 50cal hits and takes down one of the Red Beret wearing hostiles.

Seeing the Tank in the open the hostile forces observer puts in a request for support, which was at first refused but then made available the next turn. Deciding to call down some artillery on the Tank, whose crew got a lucky break in completing the repairs before the shells landed. Despite the large blast radius (approx. 16 inches) the artillery didn't cause that many casualties, one per round of fire to each of the squads, but it did force half the groups to go to ground, slowing the advances.

As the forces closed together a lot of lead started flying, most aimlessly, through the air. And, suprise-suprise, the tank broke down again. The enemy artillery was re-targeted exclusively onto Tony's force, which was now congregating together in cover. After a couple of rounds of bombardment inflicted additional casualties, including spooking the crew of his APC, his force called it a day and scarpered away.

With my forces also getting pinned down and close to breaking, and it being close to kicking out time, the game came to an end.

Turns out the primary objective of the invading force was to destroy the tank, which never got anywhere near them due to the series of breakdowns. With the intervening terrain they didn't have a chance of a clean shot without exposing themselves.

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