Sunday 15 March 2009

End of Empire

Jim has quit the Campoon and his empire is now gone, or rather turned barbarian.

Message from Dave M
Executive decision made with respect to the dissolution of the Elastic Empire.

Barbara the Barbarian and her chums have leapt in to the breach and declared a New Barebrained Empire. All of Jimbiscuss' remaining territories will turn Orange. Any army entering these territories will roll on the independent settlements table, but add 1 to the dice roll.

The Barebrain Empire have rejected all diplomacy as just 'man talk' and will not player will be allowed to send diplomatic missions to the empire, or part thereof

This helps my position out quite a bit as it means I've only one direct opponent (Dave M) in the area and I've now got a nice buffer zone of Barbarians between me and the next nearest opposition (Dave S). This makes a mass landgrab whilst I'm away less likely. It also removes one of only two Empires who currently have fleets besides myself.

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