Thursday 12 March 2009

Normans Nurgling

Campoon Battle 2

Matt (1500pts Normans)


Martin the High Nurgle (1500pts Picts)
(actually played by Dave M due to Martin's absence)

The Field of Play
From Campoon 3

The Nurgles outnumber the Normans quite heavily on the ground, but apparently the Normans have some 'panzers' available.

Nurgles Advance, Normans Encircle

The terrain is not really to the Nurgles advantage. There is also another Norman Cav circling around just south of the picture.

Panzerblitz Arrives

The Cavalry finally hits sending whole ranks of dead Nurgles crashing to the ground. The Normans manage to penetrate into the rear area, and if not for the time limit being reached could of crushed the remaining Nurgle forces. As it is the Nurgles don't come off to bad (but are still forced to retreat on the map).

End tally: Matt lost around 120pts, The Nurgles around 500pts. With the new rules for replacements being implemented (actually they are the ones that were used in the LoTR campaign) this could be reduced for both side quite a bit.

[Disclaimer: I have no idea why Martin refers to all his armies as Nurgles as there appears to be no connection with proper Warhammer Nurgles other than their implied vileness\smelliness. He's used Garden Gnomes as Nurgles before now.]

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