Thursday 5 March 2009

Winter of the Flea(s)

The Campoon continues into the first winter phase and then into the first turn of the following year. Army Lists are still being clarified (given that not everyone has WH Ancients, the books are only available once a week). Despite being in a Viking like position I've gone against type and have selected to go Anglo-Saxon.

The Diplomacy and Espionage segments were both let downs, with non of the major independents joining sides, only Mark got a good result as the final independent city on his island joined him to give him complete control of the island, which is now derogatorily referred to by the others as 'Walney'. The only Espionage was a hoard of agents going paranoid trying to capture non-existent spies.

The temporary absence of Martin meant that his lands entered dormant mode, where in effect they all become neutral for this turn, except his capital with his armies inside. A similar thing is to happen with Jim next week in his absence.

After the winter
From Campoon 3

During the first and only move that night, which not only included people trying to devour the Nurgle but also Dave S invasion of Jimland, leading to the first true battle of the campaign (which actually occurred in a neutral village hex). The rules for ship movement has been clarified and is much looser than the original rules with landings being allowed anywhere.

The Invasion

The End of move 1?

And then it happened! The return of the Nurgle! as Martin showed up and retroactively had his move. Matt was more than happy with this, despite originally being the main beneficiary of Martins absence, as it leads to a chance to bash the smelly one down in combat.

Fisticuffs in the Center

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