Monday 15 February 2010

Battle of London

Still plodding along in eRepublik. Been playing this game in auto mode for quite a while now, spending a couple of minutes a day to click the relevant buttons. Have been dipping in and out a bit as my interest waxed and waned.

Due to my persistence I've now enough freebie gold stored up to do a bit of 'tanking' where you can burn gold to get extra health and so extra attacks, also enough money to get better weapons but not sure whether to stick with the 1* quality weapons or to upgrade and do more damage.

The reason to tank? The current on going invasion of the UK (aka eUK).

The history behind the current predicament...

Middle of last year the PM/President decided to switch alliances, from the roughly NATO based ATLANTIS, to the more continental/asian PEACE as it would be 'fun' and (according to him) get the country more involved in the game. Ironically the country ended up sidelined in the World War that erupted as British territory was ceded to allied countries to allow a 'bridge' over the Atlantic to the Americas, so only government sponsored troops really benefited given the lack of defense pacts; the triggering of which are esential for getting a country involved in other nations wars.

Canada ended up wiped from the map, the US faced with attacks from multiple directions were reduced to a small number of regions. But then the long fightback began, with persistent resistance wars in both Canada and captured US territory, being eventually successful, and eventually the PEACE invaders were driven from North America and the eUS started doing some 'Manifest Destiny' in Asia.

Both power blocs underwent their own meltdown, and new alliances came into existence but still holding old grudges, eUK becomes part of Phoenix, made up of the core remnants of PEACE, and opposed by EDEN, the remnants of ATLANTIS, and with members including some of the in game big hitters such as eUSA, eSweden, ePoland and eSpain. Our allies eFrance and eGermany have already been wiped out by them.

So now the eUK has it's back to the wall, with it's old allies as enemies, and the Battle for London is now under way after the conquest of all other eUK regions

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