Thursday 18 February 2010

All At Sea

A game of Martin's Shipwreck modern naval rules. A set of quick play rules and a lot simpler than Harpoon.

A clash between two small forces of 80's Soviets vs British. The ships started out closer together than standard due to some missing seaboards in Martin's modular terrain.

From Furness Wargamers at Sea

Soviets get the first strike out and take the rear flight deck out on the British destroyer. They sent a couple of Helicopters over the rigs to help discourage attacks against them and to observe the British. The British sent out a flight of Lynx's with more hostile intentions.

The quality of the British Electronic Warfare counted in the end, despite trying to overload them with a swarm of missiles, the low chance of hitting and some bad die rolls meant little damage to the British, while the return salvo of Exocet's and the Soviets poor EW and non-existent defense against sea-skimmers saw 3 ship kills and a badly damage in just the one turn.

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