Sunday 27 June 2010

Oar Blimey

A mini ancient naval campaign based in an undisclosed place in the Aegian. Using a version of Paul's D.T.S. rules and his paper and velcro boats. A bigger version of this was played a few years back, over a month or so, when we were still at the Duke and had about 6\7 players and a more geographically accurate map; this one nighter had 4 players

From Furness Wargamers at Sea

Most of the action occurred on the map, as the different sides jockeyed for position and tried to build up their forces. Builds are semi-random, with a trade off between getting smaller ships early, or waiting for the big one to get built. The special events caused no end of troubles to all parties. Mark was forced out of the game early after a string of bad events plus being squeezed between us quite badly and losing his ports. He was going to leave early anyway, but this was a bit sooner than expected.

Only two battles occurred the whole night, as most fleets hid in port or embargoed other ports to stop builds. I was involved in both.
In the first action my forces outnumbered and outsped Matts opposing one. But despite getting the rams in from generally advantageous positions, my die rolling let me down, and my rams coursed as much damage to my ships as to the opposing force. My force reached the breakoff point just before Matt's.

The final encounter was a two vs one as the big fleets finally leaves port, as Matt and I joined forces to take on the mighty fleet that had quietly been building up in the corner and had finally set sail. And due to initiative rolls we managed to get the jump on him. Coming in from different directions due to how the map moves played out, he decided to try and fight it out against one force first. With Matt's slow fleet trailing behind, all I could do was try and delay the potential breakout. This turned out to be more successful than anticipated, and we nearly brought them to the breakpoint on our own. With the faster of Matt's ships finally contacting the rear of the enemy fleet this damage forced them over the damage limit just before my fleet reached its own.

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