Wednesday 23 November 2011

Empire Games

Missed the first week of the new campaign due to being down south job hunting.

Arrived on the scene this week to be given a small plot of land in the north of a map that seems to be a bit familiar. Campaign is based upon the shenanigans that went on within the Holy Roman Empire but transposed to a fantasy setting.

From Furness Wargamers Fantasies

Based out of the city of Praag and neighboured by Dave S to the south and Mark to the South West, a small conclave was held between the three of us and a treaty made. Mark, beset by two separate 'alliances' to his South (Jim and Paul) and West (Matt and Tony) who were none aggressive towards each other, was giving us his permission to attack his territory so that he could concentrate upon the main threats.

Dave S, then just seized two territories of Mark without moving any armies, just replacing the pins\flags in the territories. I asked Mark if I could do likewise and he agreed. Of course is still left me in a situation where I still had to make good the terms of the treaty. Being a honourable man I just that and attacked further into Mark's land.

Having meet my treaty obligations I then decided to help out Mark, asking permission to travel over his land and intervening against Tony, who voluntarily retreated his army that he had sent into Mark's land to block any retreats caused by Matt's intervening assault. I managed to give Mark's defeated army an escape route, and prevented it, and possibly Marks realm, from absolute destruction. Dave S likewise gave Mark's trapped army an escape route out of enemy lands, after his counter assault against Paul\Jim failed to seize any territory, but did delay their land grab.

The end of year is reached and its time for the meeting of the electors. Mark had the most votes to cast due to his high prestige earned through fighting. The dice determined that Mark was voting last, and the way the votes were cast resulted in him having the deciding votes. He could either tie the voting or cast for his enemy Tony. Naturally he did the sensible and most evil thing that he could and voted for Tony, giving this relatively minor player the crown.

Rather than end the game here it was decided to carry on for at least a further year just to see how well the new king would rule\be manipulated.

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