Thursday 10 September 2009

Tanks for Nothing

A modern day home-brew conversion of the original G.E.V. from Steve Jackson Games.

India vs Pakistan in the 60's. Got to command some Shermans for the Pakistanis, which surprisingly was not the worse armour in the battle.

From Furness Wargamers

Given the job of holding the left flank, the idea was to move the troops in to defend the village (where they get x2 defense) and screen the shermans behind the village and hope the enemy got close enough for us to do damage (we weren't told that the tanks also benefited from the built-up areas defensive bonus else our deployment would be quite different.)

With no overwatch available and with weaponry not affected by range the numerically superior and better equipped Indians could standoff and blast at a distance. All I could do was replenish the depleted forces in the buildings.

The other, right, flank collapsed early as the armour went head to head in fairly open ground. Losing our Forward Observers early didn't help much to stop the enemy advance.

We just managed to hold on till our reinforcement's arrived, but they soon disappeared into a cloud of smoke and wreckage. Not a very balanced scenario.

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