Friday 20 February 2009

Desert Battles

A Mini-campaign based in North Africa in WW2. With the opposing forces using hidden movement on a symmetrical nodal map. Each side had two supply bases on their respective side of the map and two separate combat groups of about 4-5 vehicles each. These vehicles can themselves split off to perform scouting etc. The further away from the bases you are the more likely that you will run out of supplies. Also available were some aircraft to help with scouting. Limited reinforcements entered randomly at the bases.

Combat between the sides was decided using a modified WH40K results sheet, the idea being to get the campaign done in a single night.

After a few minor scouting encounters, the first reasonable sized fight happened in the highlands. (hence the rough terrain below. It is impassable and also blocks line of sight)

Vehicles first appear as dust clouds till successful spotting roles are made, so initially your never too sure quite what your up against. The chance to spot increases as the distance closes, which can lead to some unpleasant surprises.

From Furness Wargamers

The next major encounter was on the desert plain itself. Flat as a pancake so no hiding except in your own dust.

Despite closing to very short range shells were bouncing of both sets of vehicles. Eventually a lucky shot took out a Panzer III and the Panzer II was effectively chased off with a series of glancing blows.

Eventually I had to withdraw as the remaining Panzer III had run out of ammo! Was pursued by the Brits till they themselves ran out of shells.

So the Campaign didn't get completed in a night but the British were pretty much on top having taken out two Panzer IIIs.

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