Wednesday 24 February 2010

Three Way Furball

Due to a number of no shows due to the terrible weather I finally got a chance to play some Wings of War with Baldy and Colin. Baldy claimed to be new to the game, despite playing it in the past, so we started off with a simple everything goes battle with no altitude rules. Both Colin and Baldy chose two seaters, RE.8 and Ufag respectively, I chose a Fokker D.VII.

From Furness Wargamers in the Air

For the second flight we brought in the altitude rules and the others switched to proper scouts\fighters. This lead to the strange situation of having Ernst Udet (or Captain LO! as Colin calls him.) in two planes, the Fokker D.VII and the Albatros D.Va vs Colin's Barker in his Snipe.

With the use of altitude rules we decided to use the collision rules, and due to the use of the C damage deck it became highly dangerous. Not certain that I got the rule right as I'm not sure if special damage from collisions count towards the two engine damage and out rule. For things like fires, the specials don't count. My plane was knocked out by the two engine loss rule due to a collision with Colin's which was later revealed to have received no damage from the mid air clash.

Gave up on the unlucky Fokker and switched to Olieslagers's Belgium Camel for the third flight. We had agreed that we could use the planes as proxies for all the other types of plane available from the booster packs. Baldy searched through the box and manage to pick the D.VII anyway, but he wanted to change the pilot to Herman 'Fatboy' Goering.

For the final fight we decided to try and operate two planes each. This seemed to work fine without slowing things down too much. Had to call it a day before much serious action took place due to the other games finishing early, but it seems possible to control flights of craft with ease. I think each having separate aircraft (Fokker Tripe and Camel for me. DH4 and RE8 for Colin. Ufag and D.VII for Baldy) and decks helped as the cards were easier to keep segregated.

Given how successful operating at nearly the four plane flight level was, I'm thinking of allowing multi-planes per player in a campaign whose rules I'm currently trying to bash together.

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