Wednesday 14 September 2011

Papal Bull

After last weeks trial run it's time for a full blooded 'Italian States Campaign'.

Once again using a cut down Horde of the Things, with only 6 troop types (this time including Artillery) and a modified map based campaign system that now covers the whole of Italy and not just the north. Up to 9 states were available, each with differing amount of land and income. States were distributed randomly between the 6 players with 3 states left neutral. France and the (not so) Holy Roman Empire are out of bounds and the historic invasion by the French, to capture Naples, does not occur.

Savoy - Dave M
Milan - Tony
Romanga - Mark
Papal States - Pope Tellus the First
Naples - Dave S
Spain - Paul


Naval Battle between Naples and Spain, the two main sea powers, saw Naples badly defeated, in what was the first outing of Paul's Naval Rules, an abstraction where one boat equals a fleet. A lot of Neapolitans ended up being pushed off the boat to their demise. Meanwhile on terra firma the Papal Army delivers invite for Sienna to join the Papal States and pay homage to Pope Tellus the First (of the Hiberno-Iberian O'Malley-Borgias, and a descendent from the Kings of nearly All-Ireland).

All the sieges conducted against neutral provinces failed causing all besieging armies to lose 2AP.

Spain lands on mainland Italy. Once more all the sieges fail.

Milan vs Romagna in Ferrara. Romagna refuses to bring in available reinforcements, and as a result loses, but inflicts equal amount of casualties on opponent. Ferrara fails to fall during siege phase, leaving Milan forces out of supply. Spain captures Calabria off Naples.

Surviving Papal forces go home aggrieved by the Siennians. Milan loses troops on the long march back home.


Papal forces return to Sienna. All sieges fail. Milanese remain at home.

Otranto falls to Spain as they expand in the south.

Pisa falls to Naples via seaborne invasion giving them a bridgehead north of the Papal States. Ferrara and Verona captured by Romanga, Mont-Ferrat and Genoa captured by Savoy.

Papal forces return home after once more lossing 25% of their forces in sieges over the year. The entire population of Sienna excommunicated for impertinence. The peaceful state of Milan sees a segment of its army dissipate due to inactivity, its army size now maxed out at 20AP. Naples sends tribute to Spain to stop further encroachment.

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