Wednesday 28 September 2011

Holy Roaming Empires

The (Un)Holy Roman Empire, or at least a small part of it, turns up under the command of Elector Jim. As the remaining neutral provinces get overrun things start to get a bit cramped on the mainland.

From Italian Hordes

Venetians attack Trieste, which falls to the siege. HRE attacks, less successfully, into Venetian lands. All remaining neutral territories in Italy invaded. Romagna captures Pistoa

Spanish and Neapolitan fleets enter the Northern Adriatic, Spanish attack Romagna fleet when it sets sail but fails to inflict any casualties on it. Naples, continuing it's naval tradition of defeats, attacks the combined Venetian fleets, it's lone Caravel verses an Urca and 2 Gaillots, and loses badly again when their General is lost. Savoy besieges Lucca with Milanese help, who takes the casualties when they fail to open the gates. Neapolitans also land via the North Tyrrhenian in Genoa.

The Spanish and Neapolitan fleets evacuates from the Adriatic. Neapolitans leave Genoa after failing the previous siege. The Venice-Holy Roman war\dance continues.

The Pope trades the lands of Capatanata, Moeise and Urbino to Romagna for the port of Ancona and a fleet. Spain trades with Naples for Pisa, giving them a port on the central mainland.



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