Wednesday 21 September 2011

Venetian Blindsiding

The Italian States Campaign continues...

The Venetians get their act together and joins in the fun as Matt enters the game...

And the Pope gets a new mode of transport...
From Italian Hordes


Romagna withdraws from Venetian territory running as fast as they can. Papal States finally capture Sienna after over two years of besieging. Naples capture Piombino.

Papal States lay siege to Florence. Romagna take Modena. Spain invades Savoy. Milan capture Remoli.

Florence falls to the Papal States. Savoy captured by Spanish.

Pope trades Florence to Naples in exchange for the much less exciting provinces of Moiese and Capatanata.
Savoy sold back for 3 income.


Papal decree issued stating that to improve trade Spain needs to obtain a port on the Adriatic.

Milan falls to Venice, Renoli falls to Savoy. Papal forces fail to take Canadoli. A potential Naval battle in the Ionian between Spain and Naples fails to happen.

Naples invade Pistioa. Spanish fleet enters the Adriatic. Romagna attacks into Lucca and Cremona. Papal forces capture Canadoli. Como captured by Savoy. Battle of Cremona see large losses to knights on both sides.

Romagna attacks Parma. Milan, attacked from all sides and now down to two provinces, becomes a vassal of Savoy. The Spanish invasions of both Venice and Ancona, in an attempt to gain an Adriatic port, fail.

Romanga pays off Venice. Pope recieves tribute of 4 income from Spain for their failure to capture Adriatic port.

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