Wednesday 12 October 2011

Curse of the Jabberwocky

The Victory conditions are revealed as the campaign reaches it's penultimate week.

As nine armies wait on the border of Papal lands, bad luck is brought-forth from going wilder-shins in the turn order, and from the use of the cursed bones of the Jabberwocky.

Add to that devilish engines of war, and more battles in one night than ever before, is 1500 the year of the Apocalypse? or will it be 1501?

From Italian Hordes

Message from Paul...

Due to the growing threat of external forces (Turks), It looks like the end of next Tuesday night (or the close of the year 1502, whichever comes first) will see the signing of a major peace treaty between all the Christian states, bringing an end to the current age of hostilities in war torn Italy.

At which point victory will be decided by totting up of lands (6pt per region owned, 4pt per vassal region) + cities (2pt each) + remaining army values + prestige points.

Victory going to the highest total. (player + vassal, though only the player can claim victory, alliances cannot be added together or claim moral victory) this will give a full two weeks to implement any Machiavellian plots to pull victory out of the bag.

May the best count/king/pope win!

The start of the year began with a discussion as to whether to reverse the turn order for the year and go anti-clockwise. The Pope objected to this breach to the natural order but it was decided to do so anyway. As retaliation to this the cursed dice of the Jabberwocky were brought forth from the secret vaults and covertly sent to the Court of  Naples to wreck havoc on the enemies plans...



Sea battle in the Northern Adriatic as HRE takes on a small Venetian force. Papal forces assault out of Papal lands to tie up the invading armies. Battle of Spoleto - Papal forces destroy Stronghold after Nepolitans left their flank undefended. Battle at Piobimo between Spain and the invading Romagnans sees the Spanish pushed back to sea. Savoy takes Cremona off the Venetians, Milan fails in siege of Venetian held Milan.


HRE recaptures Trieste after killing Venetian hero leader. Papal continues delaying tactics, attacking and then retreating from Spoleto and Campagna. Milanese finally reconquer their home city back off the Venetians, who are ignoring Milanese\Savoyan encroachments to hunt down the eastern forces of the HRE. There are battles in Pisa and Romagna provinces, as the Spanish and Romagnans continue at each other.


Spanish invades at Naples, Neapolitans send in an army reinforced with three contingents but see their infernal war-machines destroyed. Pope besieges and takes Piobimo off the Romagnans. Milan and Savoy swap the territories of Novana and Cremona.

So some how the Papal States have managed to expand at the expense of Romagna\Spain. This was mainly due to the revised turn order playing to the Popes advantage. In each of the rounds I managed to move before my main opponents could, tying them up and preventing any invasion. Milan is starting to reappear on the map but still as a vassal of Savoy. Spain is having difficulty getting land on the mainland as simple blocking can prevent them.

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