Tuesday 11 March 2014

Nile Campaign pt1

A short campaign set in Late Roman Egypt.
A 'battleships' style map campaign and using Basic Impetus for the battles. GM'd by Jim.

Blemmyes ( Tel ) - (starts in) Eastern Desert.
Boukoloi ( Tony ) - Nile Delta
Romans ( Dave M ) - Alexandria
Sassanid ( Matt ) - MemphisPelusium

Romans need to defeat Sassinids but retain Alexandria, Sassanid need to defeat everybody and protect convoy from Pelusium. Blemmys and Boukoloi both need to capture\loot Memphis or the other cities, plus attack the convoy.

From Furness Wargamers with Spears

Movement was of the form of hidden grid movement with limited searching. You could call out a search in neighbouring squares, but at the cost of giving away your rough, or if used excessively, your actual location. The Nile can only be crossed at Memphis or via the Delta.

The Blemmys, who had a number of desert squares for starting locations decided to do some 'Silent Running' and never declaring a search. Using this method, and the information revealed by other searches, they managed to cross all the way over to the western desert via the Delta with out detection. No real point in doing so other than to confuse any searchers.

The Blemmys original plan, to wait for the Boukoloi to attack the Sassanid caravan heading from Pelusium to Memphis, then move in to pick off the remnants of the battle, did not come to fruition as the Boukoloi went in the opposite direction across the Delta and running into the Romans instead. So the Sassanid convoy, which was carrying their total collection of 'fate points', reaches 'Graceland' intact.

Battle 1 : Boukoloi vs Romans ( in the Delta )

Both are initially aligned against each left flanks and start slowly wheeling. The Romans send their cavalry on long flanking march. The Slaves wheel and anchor their left flank in rough terrain. A long standoff ensued with neither side willing to commit with the only action being the light cavalry harassing the slaves rear. The Roman ranged attacks finally became lethal and the troops follow up and charge in to mixed results.

Romans win in the end after a very long battle of attrition with the Boukoloi retreating further into the Delta.

The Sassanid Memphis garrison finally picked up traces on the 'radar' of the Blemmyes, after they had managed to return to their 'home' side of the map. Meanwhile the Romans kept on recapturing their former slaves as they kept running into them in the Delta, with the Boukoloi running away and obtaining automatic casualties for doing so.

The Romans are currently still hiding in the Delta avoiding the large mounted force of Sassinids between them and Alexandria. The only other Sassinid force appears to be the Garrison at Memphis.

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