Tuesday 18 March 2014

Nile Campaign pt2

The campaign continues with a few extra wrinkles added to the rules, in order to increase Blemmy and Boukoloi participation. They can now get Victory Points by raiding the four Nile squares south of the Delta. Plus siege rules added so that the three cities are now vulnerable even with garrisons in place.

From Furness Wargamers with Spears

All the current activity appears to be around the western side of the Delta, apart from the Blemmyes who are east of Memphis. Slaves are besieging Alexandria, meanwhile the Sassinids had mistaken their position and attacked the Romans who were hiding  in the Delta instead.

Battle 2 - Romans vs Sassanids

Romans defending in the Delta near Alexandria vs Sassanids. A straight fight this time as the lines clash head on, the attacking Sassanids leading with their elephants and sending their light cavalry in a long flanking manoeuvre.

The Roman cavalry get sent forward to deal with the Elephants, who turned out not to be much of a shock force. But the weaken Roman cavalry then became the victims of the Sassanid Cataphracts following up behind, who in turn became too weakened to risk dealing with the Roman Infantry.

The Sassanid flank attack never does materialise as they dally at the side. Both sides then decide to call off the bloodbath, allowing the Sassanids to leave the field while the Romans gather the dead.

The Blemmyes are camped North of Memphis, looting the traffic on the Nile and earning victory points. The garrison at Memphis are fully aware of their presence but are too weak to do anything. The Blemmyes now have enough VP's in total to gain a 2nd army if they choose to cash six of them in. (Their cousins being told of the rich pickings and joining in with the original army.)

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