Tuesday 10 September 2019

Tripod Terror

Time to wheel out the Martians for a couple of games of Tripods and Triplanes at the club as I teach the rules to some first-time players.

Mark the Martian versus Matt and Jim the Aviators.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Martians have Landed

Finally, after much delay, the Tripods and Triplanes Kickstarter has landed. This is a fun add-on for Wings of Glory (Wings of War as was). Unfortunately, a series of events kept delaying the release from Ares games, but it turned up on my doorstep last week (in the pouring rain as the despatch driver didn't put it in the 'safe place' I'd specified. Thankfully it was extremely well packaged inside so avoided rain damage.)

The base game, despite its name, does not actually include a Triplane but instead is a 1 on 1, Mk.1 Tripod vs Rocket-armed Nieuport N16, which was previously available years ago as part of the Balloon Buster set and which was at the time too pricey for me.

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Battlegroup Torbruk

A game of Battlegroup Tobruk

The first time most of us have played a game from this rules family.
British vs Italians, but with the British constrained in the amount of ammo they had to wrestle the objective off the initially weak Italians.

The most effective anti-tank weapon proved to be the artillery which was brought up from their original positions on the ridge. The Italian tankettes did provide some opposition, as did their heavier armour on the opposing ridge line. concentrating their fire on the artillery positions prior to their destruction as the British Matildas moved slowly forward.

The British were rapidly running out of ammo but managed to suppress all the remaining Italian armour, so effectively they would (with decent dice rolling) get a free turn to move closer, and greatly improving their chances in what would have been a final round of fire. The game got called prior to this as the Italians conceded.

The infantry didn't get to play much of a roll in this game, with only the Italian unit holding the objective being active.

The game was quick paced despite being a bit table heavy, with favourable comparisons being made by the participants to both Bolt Action and Rapid Fire.

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Heroes on the Table

A couple of games of Heroes of Normandie, only the second time it has been played at the club.

I pre-selected two 200 point forces of Americans and Germans, and Dave M and Mark set about wandering the bocage.

Despite both being new to the system they picked up the rules quickly and I was surprised how quickly the first game ended given that 200pts is a decent size for a game.

The Germans were given a more 'veteran' feel; more mobile, plenty of MG's, tanks busters and a sniper. The Americans had better armour (if you could describe an M8 Greyhound as armour), a mortar for indirect fire, and more troops, plus Clint as a Hero.

Mortar fire was decisive in the first game, with three consecutive rounds landing without scatter. Mark also learnt that light woods, while better than no cover, is no match for a hedge as he came out worse in a firefight. So a decisive victory for the Americans.

Dave M kept forgetting to activate Clint, with his autonomous hero action. Mark forgot to use his sniper as well and didn't use his 'veteran' rerolls effectively.

The second game, with adjusted board layout, was much closer. The Germans used their transports to capture the Victory Point locations early in the game. The Americans caused more damage to the Germans and used their armour to take out the transports, the Germans just failing to take out the armour with a panzerfaust that scraped the paintwork. The Mortar was nowhere near as accurate this time.

On the final turn, I tried to encourage Dave M to do or die with Clint to capture the middle Victory Point location. He had the opportunity to soften the target up with suppressive fire from either his 50cal or vehicle MG but chose to fire for effect with no luck. So Clint heroicly defended his shrubbery instead.

The Germans clung on for victory, the additional location counteracting the points for lost troops.

Tuesday 4 June 2019

In the Jungle

Another game of Bolt Action in the Jungle. As a force of Australians tries to hang on to a small village and the nearby ridgeline as the Japanese advance upon it.

Mark is the Australians, Keiron and Tel the Japanese. Matt is the umpire.

Bolt Action - Australian Defenders

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Zombies In Her Majesty's Countryside.

A multiplayer game of In Her Majesty's Name played on a larger than normal sized table.

British ( Extraordinary Company ), Prussian ( Society of Thule ) and Chinese ( Black Dragon Tong ) are searching the countryside trying to find something. What that something is no one exactly knows at the start.

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Poison Spitting Elephants Rampant

A game of Dragon Rampant, and the first appearance for my still not completely finished 'Dank Elves' - so-called as they are a cliched version of Dark Elves if that is at all possible. Made up from a box of Oathmark Elves, with Frostgrave Cultists and some converted Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors as the elves subservient human minions.

Jim has a combined 48 pt force of what seemed to be Pirates assisted by poison-belching elephants.

 Mark (fielding his necro army) and me 24 pts each.

Tuesday 30 April 2019

Ghost Ziggurat

A big table game of Ghost Archipelago, as a number of different parties try to grab the loot and the main prize in particular, which is located on top of a mysterious Ziggurat.

Friday 18 January 2019

Cruel Seas

Report from the Tuesday night game at Furness Wargamers. A game of Cruel Seas from Warlord Games, with Matt providing the Flotillas and acting as GM. The game is new to all the players, who are trying to get their sea legs in this first ever play.

A German Tanker is moored near the coast overnight, protected by a Flakship. But they were not to get much sleep as the Royal Navy attacks with 4 Vosper MTBs (commanded by Keiron) along with a couple of Fairmiles (Ben) for support.

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Very British Bridge

Something a bit different as Ben brought out his 1930's 'Very British Civil War' figures and rules which were modified from the VSF 'In Her Majesties Name'. In the VBCW setting, the country has gone to pot after the non-abdication of King Edward VIII.

A convoy of BUF vehicles are attempting to cross a bridge, the checkpoint being manned by some Bobbies, who have also called in help from some Home Defence Volunteers. To make things less one-sided there are also various units of communists lying in ambush.