Wednesday 20 April 2011

Sea Trials

A trial run of Matt's once again heavily modified quick play rules; This being the final trial before Saturday's big St George's Day Trafalgar game.

A small encounter to try things out. Three British ships with Crack crew vs Four French, 3 74 gunners and a 80 gun, all with Average crews. Played over two partial Hex mats (The full game will be over four of these Hotz produced mats)

From Furness Wargamers at Sea

The British were causing significant damage when they managed to hit, but this damage was spread evenly over the four opponents. The French had concentrated on the lead ship and also managed to cross the line and launch simultaneous Stern and Bow rakes on the Britannia; which caused no end of damage and greatly reduced her ability to strike back.

With one ship sinking and the flagship Britannia failing it morale role and striking, the encounter was effectively over within one and a half hours. It'll be interesting to see what sort of time scale it'll take on Saturday with the full complement of ships.

Afterwards managed to get a partial game of Battletech, as one of the regulars left early feeling unwell and I was asked to take over. And Lo and Behold... It's Norbert McVitie, now with the moniker of 'Conehead' due to his behavior at parties\formal functions, in his Vindicator.

The opposing force appeared to be made up of mostly Ray's loaned mechs, including a couple of Dragons leading them to heavily out weigh the engaging lance.
With the help of a lucky critical causing long shot on the Red Dragon, we managed to force a surrender and achieve the objective of capturing one of these mechs for analysis. The encounter also pushed Norbert over the 3000xp mark, making him a regular pilot, and enabling him to go down to 0 piloting, +1 gunning.

Martin wanted to expand the Aerotech capability of the unit, so a couple of extra pilot characters were rolled up. At the same time I created a support character for the unit, a medic by the name of Dr Elbert Strukov. Using the classic Mechwarrior rules it took a matter of minutes to create the character. Got a feeling that it would take much, much longer using the newer 'A Time of War' RPG.

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