Thursday 11 October 2012

Colonial Mars, pt 1

A campaign run by Paul, and based upon Space 1889 universe, and the Corprates Valley as shown in Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds. The British (Matt), Americans (Tel), French (Jim), Germans (Tony) and Japanese (Dave M) all decide they want a slice of Belgium's (Mark) contested Martian (Paul) domain.

Having the original RPG for the setting, along with Conklin's, I was at least prepared for the idea of aerial warships fighting on Mars.

From Furness Wargamers from Mars

The start of the campaign was interrupted by an emergency hitting the club. The torrential rain outside hit the church hall badly, first causing the lights to intermittently fail and then causing flooding in the cellar. A human chain was formed to move the clubs terrain upstairs to safety.

The assets available to each side was far greater than that which should be 'historically' available by Space 1889 canon, and were randomly determined and distributed. Future assets could be bought later by auction, with the income being generated from the towns and cities.

Horse trading started amongst the colonial powers as towns were swapped to generate power bases for the pending war. The British and the Belgium's swapped with each other giving them power bases around Melas and Amraan. The Americans concentrated on the Canal to the north of New Amsterdam, the regions capital. The Japanese in the northern centre and the High Martians in the southern centre.

During the first couple of turns played out it was the French and the Germans that seemed to take the brunt of the action, and the Germans in particular was forced into decreasingly sized enclaves. Neither of the above had taken part in the initial trading of locations and so had a number of exposed and unsupported towns ripe for the taking.

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