Saturday 22 April 2017

St George's Tobruk

The annual St George's Day, or thereabouts, game, fought as an all day game on the Saturday.

North Africa, World War 2 and one of the many sieges of Tobruk.

 Tables galore in this big Rapid Fire game organised by Derek (on what happened to be his birthday.) and with extra terrain by Matt. Four separate, but adjoining zones, of four trestle tables each, for a total of sixteen in use.

Keiron is in charge of the Axis offensive, with Jim, Simon and S.O.Else as his command staff.
The defending allies were organised by Matt, with Tristam, A.N.Other and Tel in charge of the perimeter defences.

As the Axis approached the sent out recce aircraft, with the Allies responding to try and drive them away.

The central road in, the principle point of attack for the Germans, becomes a brutal close-quarter struggle, featuring both Armour and Infantry.

To the west the Italian flamethrower vehicles proved effective in clearing out the strong-point closest to the sea, but despite initial success, when they even managed to take out a Matilda tank, the armoured advance bogged down, This was despite of the overwhelming support of five batteries of Axis artillery.

Strafing runs by the Blenheim and Hurricane helped blunt the Infantry assault on the second eastern strong-point, with the elimination of the infantry flamethrower removing the biggest threat.

The allies ended up losing two of the six outer strong-points, but the inner perimeter was never breached. With the day reaching it's end the Axis backs off back to the start point.

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