Saturday 22 November 2008

Rapid Swedes

No games arranged at the club due to missing campaign organisers, so the old fallback of Svea Rike came out again.

This was a very rapid game, over within 1½ hours. Only a few wars occurred, two of them caused directly by a player (me) in order to remove some all powerful merchants from Poland (Martin plays blockade runner, we win war, I get bonus point for doing so, then I play repeat turn, finally removing the merchants.)

Sort of got lucky with the cards having drawn the two Tax cards early on, add to that a number of Tax events occurring instead of wars and the merchants ended up having a hard time of it despite rolling in it for much of the game. Not much land bought so board was quite sparse other than the crowd of merchants clustered in Russia and Poland.

Concentrating on resources netted me 15 points at games end, Dave S also got 15 but only because he had hidden his money from taxation, Martin and Colin trailed in with about 9 points each, Martin in particular took a battering toward the end with deaths of personalities and theft of resource cards.


Also going on in the club was the usual Warhammer Fantasy games and Matt and Phil getting their heads round Flames of War. This WW2 game and its range of 15mm figures has become quite popular but is posibly past its peak, which makes this belated first outing at the club even more surprising. Given the speed of Svea Rike they soon had a group of spectators to annoy them.

The decision is still pending on these rules as Phil used cursed dice (3+ needed, 1,2,2,2; followed by 3+, 1,1,1,2) so the result (Brits walkover Germans) was probably not indicative of the game itself.

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