Monday 6 April 2009

Warmonger 09

Popped my head in on Saturday to see how the 40K guys were doing in the now regular tournament\grudge match with the Manchester Area Wargames Society (MAWS) the Barrow leg of which is organised by Phil.

Managed to catch the final round of the three round tournament. Martin was the scorer tapping away into the spreadsheet as each result came in. The FW trailing right from the first round and failing to noticeably close the gap in the second and third.

From Warmonger

It ended as a clean sweep for MAWS with the top 4 individual spots going to them. The only silverware for the FW was Keiron managing to win the fair play award, presumably because his forces died well. In another shock result Baldy didn't finish last!

Found the video creation mode in Picassa so decided to have a play around. Quality not as good as normal pictures, I could improve it but would eat up Picassa directory space.

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