Tuesday 24 October 2017

Little Not Yankees

First ever game of Team Yankee, the Flames of War spin-off. but not at the expected scale and no Yankees involved.

Arranged by Kieron and using 6mm (1/285scale) instead of the expected 15mm. This was a clash or Russian and German forces. Jim and Derek are the Russians, Dave M and Tel the West Germans.

The Russians have to hastily capture a wood or failing that capture the nearby town. The Germans have to choose how to split their forces with an inconvenient river splitting the two objectives.

Things did not start great for the Germans with their precious Leopards taking a pounding early on.
The Russain advance was temporarily halted by some artillery on the ford. Also, the German APCs, having disembarked their troops who are now entrenched in the woods, dealt with most of their counterparts before being destroyed by the tanks.

A disastrous couple of morale roles by Jim saw half the Russian force disappear into thin air, while Derek belatedly launches an assault onto the woods with his remaining troops while his tanks skirted around it planning to support the assault on the town by Jims now nonexistent forces.

The movement seems better at this scale than at the standard FoW 15mm. As the table now represents a bigger area there seems to be more room for manoeuvre and the spacing of the units more spread out and defuse. It should also allow for bigger battles.

A quick search online shows this to be quite a popular scale to play it at with a Team Yankee 6mm facebook group having 1200+ members.

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