Tuesday 14 May 2019

Zombies In Her Majesty's Countryside.

A multiplayer game of In Her Majesty's Name played on a larger than normal sized table.

British ( Extraordinary Company ), Prussian ( Society of Thule ) and Chinese ( Black Dragon Tong ) are searching the countryside trying to find something. What that something is no one exactly knows at the start.

The Dragon Lady splits her forces to check out the village including the Manor house and Public house. The Lord of the Manor coming to a quick end after trying to block the search of his grounds.

The figures are not actually on the roof but it seemed an appropriate way of showing them in the buildings.

The Prussians, after being harassed by the local farmer, are the first to find something out of place, as they approach a farmhouse (one that looks a bit out of place, Maybe the original owner was from Belgium?) only to be fired on by some people in robes.

The Prussians attempt to gain access via the back door but get attacked, first by a cultist with a flamethrower, then by a horde of undead!

The British take to barging down the front gate having previously disposed of the guards. Again the flamethrower bloke is waiting for them.

The Chinese approach the side, cloaked by a strange haze that prevents any attacks.

The Cultists start to be overwhelmed but the one a turn Zombie still come on. The bloke chanting at the top of the infernal machine might have something to do with that.

The Dragon Lady magically flies her followers to the top of the machine as the British captain charges up the steps.

With the leader of the cultists dead, it's down to the remaining parties to fight amongst themselves for ownership of the machine. (The game ended here.)

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