Monday 22 December 2008

Gothic Horror

An ancients game at Matt's using the Fields of Glory rules. Set in the Eastern Roman Empire prior to the battle of Adrianopole in the Gothic War.

Fritigern's Goths vs the Roman governors, Lupicinus and Maximus, with the Barbarians having the overwhelming weight of numbers. The armies were not points based so no idea who had the advantage if any. The Romans certainly weren't first rate troops. Very few units were good enough to qualify for re-rolls.

The town to be defended. A haven of peace and slaves in the Danube region.
From Goth-Roman

The initial deployment. The Romans refused the left as that is where their weakest units were deployed. The idea being that the weak point is closest to where the reinforcements were due to appear.

The Romans push their right forward. Since this was their best units they needed to make contact with the enemy A.S.A.P. The Goths themselves were only tentativly moving forward (Trying to reach optimum charge range). The Roman skirmishers had already withdrawn on the left.

Both Leaders join in the front rank of the fight to try and break the stalemate. Leadership death rolls come close but no fatalities.

Maximus and his cavalry finally arrive. (during turn 3 but took a lot longer to get anywhere)

The Goths left flank finally breaks and the pursuit catches them. Fritigern is removed as his unit eventually get wiped out.

Due to a number of snake-eyes the Goth Right also collapsed due to a rather weak cavalry charge. The Cavalry continues to pursue the broken Goths to make room for a flanking maneuver from the new units pushing up. Both Goth flanks are now gone.

The Goth centre manages to punch a hole through but the cavalry arrives just in time.

Finally what remains of the centre comes under extreme pressure.

And rather than carry on the massacre the game ends.

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