Wednesday 17 December 2008

New Junta

A new version of an old classic, Junta was wheeled out on Tuesday as Alan L had turned up, being a gamer from a long time ago, when the Furness Warlords played out of the (now defunct) Red Cross Shop in Duke Street at the end of the 1980's. 

The original version being one of the most played games there. This is a new edition of the game and they seemed to have changed a few of the names of the cards\locations and the rules are no more clearer now than in the original version. Only one coup occurred during the game and that was a success for the rebels. So only the two presidents throughout. 

The coup started in the traditional manner with the 'ceremonial bombardment of the Presidential Palace' by the Gunboat. This was in support of the students and radicals who had appeared in the streets and who managed to give the police a bashing when they decided to respond. The coup ended with the Rebels in direct control of three of the five areas. We decided not to shoot the (former) president but went for Alan and his stash of money - his decision to sit on the fence during the coup backfiring. ¶

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