Thursday 8 January 2009

Old World Order

Club night on Tuesday was very quiet.

Ended up playing a game of the original 'deluxe' version of Illuminati by Steve Jackson Games.

Dave S: Discordian Society
Colin: Gnomes of Zurich
Jim: Bavarian Illuminati
Tel: Society of Assassins

Dave was a first time player, both Colin and Jim had played in the past but a long time ago so everyone had to familiarise themselves with the rules. Things started quite tentatively with people building up their power structures with little interference. I managed to grab the Orbital Mind Control Lasers early and this made my future attacks to control easier. They were in a strong position in my power structure so no one tried to take it off me.

Colin's money hoarders continued the march towards their victory condition after he captured a number of high income cards virtually unopposed. Jim slowly recovered his position after having his structure wiped out in the first aggressive move in the game. Jim managed to grab the American Autoduel Association which was appropriate as I store my Car Wars Card Game in the same box as Illuminati.

Everybody was in a position to win but I managed to use a privileged attack to Attack Dave's lopsided power structure at its root, gaining control of the CIA and the 4 child groups, which was enough to take me over the finish line. Jim was the only one who could intervene in the attack but had already cleared out his treasury. Colin being 1 turn away from the Gnomes victory condition distracted people away from my position.

Its a shame that the only expansions are for the newer full colour deluxe version. I also own the CCG version Illuminati:New World Order. Might have to arrange a single deck game so that people can compare them.

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