Friday 15 May 2009

Burn Time

A late post about last Tuesday. Two players missing (Jim and Martin) so we went ahead with Campoon anyway. The dormant empires were played as if Independents, i.e. Each Village\Fort\City had a garrison so people could not just walk in and grab land.

In the conclusion of the winter phase I finally get to build my long sort after Fort at the peninsula's choke point.

Year 4 commences.

Matt continues to expand unhindered making up for the territories that were cut off at the end of last year as his lackeys, Dave S and Mark, continue to buffoon around.

Mark and Paul finally confront each other with Nurgle Jam in between. The battle to be fought next week looks like it will be one sided in favour of Paul.

From Campoon 3

The activity near my borders plus the new found strength of Jim's villages caused me to quickly rethink things and change targets. First I burnt down a couple of my own villages to act as a firebreak between my armies and Dave S's whose main army had just lost its baggage in its failed initial assault on one of Jim's villages. Then I moved into Dave's territory proper, also burning along the way.

After the map moves the remaining players staying got to play with Paul's Mechs using some rules he picked up on the Net. Humans vs 30ft tall Aliens.

From Furness Wargamers

Paul was comended in being albe to get everything into a single bag, the buildings beinging stackable.

A very random game with cards being fired around left, right and centre,

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