Wednesday 23 April 2014

Ionian War

Another Basic Impetus ancients campaign. Once again organised and GM'ed by Jim, and once more played over a grid map, but covering a larger and more politically complex area than Egypt.

This time the fighting is set near the Ionian coast of Anatolia, as the Persians and Ionian Greeks go to war/grab loot, assisted by their allies.

Ionian Greeks - Matt
Spartans (Ionian allies) - Tel
Persia - Tony
Caria (Persian allies) -Mark

From Furness Wargamers with Spears

The Ionians start in Lydia, the Persians in Phrygia, Carians in Caria, while the Spartans can land anywhere on the coast (column A). The grey areas allow for quicker movement, two squares per turn rather than the standard one.

Movement is hidden and simultaneous. If army has cavalry available then they can scout one neighbouring square per cavalry unit. If an army loots a square in a foreign area then they must announce their location.

On turn two, after initial deployments and first move, the Ionians and Persians clash on the border at C10.

Battle 1 - Ionian vs Persian

A marathon battle, despite being on the wrong side of the Aegean Sea for that location.

Both battle lines advance on each other, with the Persians holding back the infantry on their right flank, anchored against the only steep hill around. On the left the Persian cavalry rides forward, and soon clears out the light troops on the Ionian right.

An attack by a Persian scythed chariot failed against the long spears of the Hoplites, which then advance en masse. The Persians also fail to make use of their javelins, as the Ionian Hoplites try to engage with the Persian infantry line. The Ionian cavalry take the steep hills on the Ionian left, as the two infantry lines finally meet.

With his infantry faring badly, and with the main bulk of the Persian Horse being unable to assist due to the delaying actions of a solitary unit of Hoplites, the Persian King decides to act. He leads his personal bodyguard around the Ionian left in a 'do or die' attempt to disrupt the enemy cavalry, but places himself in a vulnerable position. Both sides reached the breakpoint in the same turn, but the loss of the Persian King proves to be decisive.

After the post battle re-organisation both forces are down to about 75% of their starting strength.

The map moves continue...

The Spartans, starting on the Lydian coast, made a brief journey into Persia in the hope of catching the Persian remnants. Finding nothing but funeral pyres, they turned around and headed off to loot through Caria. This forced the Carians to return from their own pillaging raid in Lydia to defend their homeland, after the news came through that the caravans of loot they sent home were in turn being plundered by the Spartans. By the time the Carians arrived home the Spartans had already passed into Lycia eager to loot new lands.

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