Tuesday 1 April 2014

Nile Campaign pt3

The campaign concludes with another Round of map moves and one  final battle.

The Blemmy spend a D6 of their victory points, costing five in total, to invite their cousins over to form another army. The new force, after a brief journey, also camps on the Nile. Memphis is now surrounded by the Blemmy both north and south.

From Furness Wargamers with Spears

Memphis eventually falls on the third turn of the siege with only the loss of one unit of archers to the attackers. Unfortunately there's not much loot to be had, and rather than try and defend it the Blemmy return to raiding along the Nile.

In the meantime the Romans are hanging around Alexandria, sending the occasional expedition into the Delta, as the Boukoloi finally gain some VP by sitting on the Nile where it flows into the Delta.

Battle 3 - Sassanids vs Blemmy

After a game of cat and mouse on the map the Sassanids finally catch up with the Blemmy. The Sassanids are ahead in both number and quality as the doubled up remnants of the earlier battle encounter only the one weaken Blemmy army rather than the expected two.

A one sided affair made worse by the Sassanids cavalry getting the jump when it came to the initial charges, adding their impetus bonuses to the already impressive base values of their cataphracts.

Campaign Results

After the battle it was decided to end the campaign, after nearly 40 rounds of map moves. The final positions were revealed and the points tallied up. The missing Blemmy army turned up just outside Pelusium ready for another siege, or to attack the Boukoloi if they ever leave the Delta.

The final result was a three way tie for first with the Romans (Dave M), Sassanids (Matt) and Blemmy (Tel) all on 12 VPs with the Boukoloi (Tony) trailing on 3 VPs.

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