Wednesday 16 July 2008

LOTR - Round 1

Finally got under way last night with the first two rounds of strategic movement leading to a battle with the good guys managing to overcome the baddies as the forces of the Haradrim held their own against the evil knights of Dol Amroth (Its all a matter of perspective... guess which side I'm on!)

This was a breakthrough scenario with the forces of Southern Gondor from Dol Amroth trying to barge through the Army of Harad. Given the turn limit that was being played (5 turns) it was almost an impossibility that they could achieve it and so they tried for the overall win by trying to rout my forces, which are mostly warbands with the tendency to charge anything.

The main loss was the unit of Olog Hai routing after being charged by a unit of archers, these should of actually been a Mumakil, but instead some used-camel salesman had left an IOU and 4 trolls (i.e. someone forgot the figure).

Despite a brief scare towards the end when a number of morale roles had to be made, the brave Harad soldiers held on to earn the draw on the field, victory in the campaign, and, after the following strategic move, a rematch.

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