Monday 21 July 2008

More Character and Characters

An unscheduled session this Sunday as people can't make the mid-week due to courses etc. We should be back to (ab)normal the following week.

The Dragonlance characters are being rounded out and the back history is slowly falling into place. Unfortunately one of us (the newbie) was missing and so that curtailed us from starting to game proper. It does look like the Kagonesti (Azacel Cyredeldith) is going to end up being my cleric's (Khoolmesh Elsith) 'manservant'.

Also a set of 3.5 edition characters were started to be generated for a proposed 'Ghostwalk' campaign that I'm scheduled to GM! This will be the first time that Johnny and Eg will have played 3rd Ed so it'll be interesting to find out what they think of it compared to 2nd. In a few decades we may get round to playing 4th Edition!

Given the current list of proposed characters things could get very weird. It's probably a good thing that in the Ghostwalk setting death is'nt terminal.

  • Half-Orc Barbarian
  • Dwarf Fighter
  • Human Rogue (wannabe Assassin)
  • Halfling Sorcerer

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